Put On the Cape

Put On the Cape: A Foundation for Hope is an incredible organization that serves Child Advocacy Centers that help more than 15,000 victims of child abuse, sexual violence, and neglect as well as domestic violence and sexual assault.

Their efforts support the following Child Advocacy Centers:


Maintaining organization throughout a year’s worth of events was becoming difficult with their prior platform, so Put on the Cape was looking for a new solution to maintain attendees, build up new attendees, drive additional marketing strategies and have a smooth and seamless check-in process. 


UBMe served as the management + ticketing solution for the 3rd Chandler Car Cavalcade and the 6th Annual PKEA Charities Superhero 5K and was able to cater to all of their direct needs. The opportunity for pencil/paper check-in was an option, as well as the Organizer App which allowed for any phone or tablet to be converted for a scanner. Both methods kept accurate accounts of attendee records and allowed for different representatives to be comfortable with their preferred check-in mechanisms.

Organization is always a key component of UBMe’s Management solutions, and the 3rd Chandler Car Cavalcade and the 6th Annual PKEA Charities Superhero 5K were no exception. It was imperative for Put on the Cape that attendees are able to be re-marketed for future events, and with UBMe’s Email Marketing features, this is now easy and convenient for the scheduling of campaigns or last-minute reminders.

Overall, Put on the Cape is an incredible organization that does so much good for their community. Through their tireless efforts, they are building up their traction in more communities across the country and are implementing UBMe’s solutions to continue to do so.