The Optometric Extension Program Foundation is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of optometry through the gathering and dissemination of information on vision and the visual process.


OEPF was in need of a solution that provided event management and registration services for their courses, seminars and international conferences. Their previous management platform did not give them the ability to market their programs, offer early registration or provide interactive, attendee engagement throughout the duration of their events.

UBMe Solutions

UBMe provides OEPF with the means to conduct their registration for weekly seminars, in-person accredited programs and international conferences. With programs and conferences that all have varying needs, UBMe accommodates them all with a dedicated management staff that is assigned directly to OEPF. 


Since utilizing UBMe as the management solution, OEPF has been able to achieve the highest early registration rates for their international conference, ICBO, highlight a record-number of one-time sessions within the last 12 months and for the first time, offer an immersive, interactive experience for all doctors at their conferences. 

Overall, OEPF is can now have complete management and organization of all events to keep track of doctors and credits with ease as well as provide all attendees with a wonderful experience.