Share Your Events on Social Media To Grow Your Audience and Registration Numbers

Awesome job on setting up your event – now it’s time to start promoting and getting registrations coming through! A great way to promote your events is through social media, to your existing audiences. 

Step 1

Post your events OR schedule your social media posts ahead of time

Through UBMe, you have the ability to instantly share your custom link anywhere, including your social media platforms! This can be done instantly by going to your registration page and clicking the ‘share’ arrow. With that being said, if you like to plan all of your posts ahead of time, that’s absolutely an option too! Go to your landing page and select your URL, copy and paste it into your social media posts while scheduling!

Step 2

Follow UBMe on social media and tag us – we will re-share!

On Facebook follow and tag UBMeWorld, on Instagram and TikTok, follow and tag @UBMeEvents and @UBMeFood!

What Social Media Should I Be Utilizing?

We highly recommend utilizing the following social media platforms to promote your events:


Add a button to your Facebook page for ‘Tickets’ to give attendees instant access to register for your upcoming event! In addition, you can add ‘Facebook Events’ and include your custom registration link for followers to register directly from.


Share event fliers/images of past events on your Instagram feed and make sure to include relevant hashtags! We also recommend sharing your events via Instagram stories and including the registration link there!


If you have video clips from previous events, we encourage using those to create fun TikTok videos to reach additional audiences! 

Pressed For Time?

We totally understand how busy event organizers are, so at UBMe, we do offer a Monthly Marketing subscription. This includes set-up and maintenance of your events, weekly email campaigns and social media content creation and sharing from UBMe’s platforms. Learn more by reaching out to

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