Event Networking

Increase networking opportunities for your attendees and partners at your next event with the UBMe App

UBMe's patented event platform is centered around creating social interactions between attendees and generating a stronger sense of community. Driving engagement between attendees, vendors, sponsors, exhibitors and partners is critical to ensure that all parties stay connected and engaged throughout the event. UBMe's attendee engagement is driven by creating live interaction within the live chat to create connections, direct attention and drive conversations at your event to focus on the event initiatives. With UBMe you can create different types of in-person activities and experiences for your attendees to enjoy in real-time and you can also automate tasks to keep your event running on schedule.

Event Networking Features

Attendee Profiles

Attendees can set up profiles to share professional information, facilitate open social interaction and initiate networking opportunities.

Attendee Live Chat

Encourage ongoing conversations amongst attendees and allow attendees to connect over common interests throughout the duration of the event.

Attendee Private Messaging

Offer a secure and private communication channel for attendees to connect one-on-one. Great for communication during and after events between attendees and for direct communication from attendees to vendors.

Attendee to Attendee Connection Suggestions

Utilize smart algorithms to suggest potential connections, which helps attendees network more effectively.

Attendance List View

Allow attendees to see who else is attending and foster a greater sense of community, as well as provide the opening for networking opportunities.

Attendee Engagement

Attendee Engagement – Patented attendee management and engagement platform designed to create a community around live activities happening at your event.

The UBMe App

Central to enhancing the attendee experience, the UBMe App is a powerful tool for engagement. It facilitates real-time interaction, access to event information, and serves as a platform for attendees to connect and share their experiences.

Attendee Experience Dashboard

This feature provides you with tools to create real-time experiences and generate increased engagement at your event. The dashboard provides a complete snapshot of all attendees located at your event, a breakdown of activity on the UBMe app and tools to control and guide the experience for everyone.

Vendor/Sponsor Highlights

Highlight your event's vendors and sponsors on the app and provide their website and contact information. This feature gives attendees instant access to your exhibitors, which increases visibility and interaction opportunities.

Promote and Advertise Event Partners

A dedicated space within the app allows you to showcase event partners through rotating digital advertising. This feature gives you full control of creating advertisements for sponsors and vendors to increase their interactions and communications with attendees during and after the event.

Improve Lead Capture

Enhance the ability to gather valuable attendee data. This tool allows for efficient collection of leads for future marketing and engagement strategies, to benefit both organizer and exhibitor.