Event Management

Total event management in all areas, including attendees, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and more!

UBMe has a full-service solution to help you organize all aspects of your event, including registration set-up, event promotion, vendor + sponsor organization and of course, live engagement management. All of our service plans include direct coordination with our events management team who will advise how to best utilize the platform as well as provide hands-on assistance throughout the entirety of the planning process.

Event Management Features

Handle Busy Event Agenda

Effortlessly manage a dynamic event schedule. This feature enables organizers to coordinate complex agendas, ensuring seamless transitions between sessions and activities.

Speaker/Sponsors and Exhibitors

Streamline the coordination of speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. This tool allows for effective organization and communication, ensuring that all participants are well-informed and prepared.

Attendee Check-in

Simplify the check-in process with our efficient digital system. Attendees can quickly scan in upon their arrival, allowing for a smooth start to their event experience. For any accreditation needs, provide check-in and check-out at your event to ensure the correct hours are being captured per attendee.

Social Wall Screen

Enhance attendee engagement with a live social wall. This large display shows real-time posts and interactions from attendees, creating a dynamic and interactive event atmosphere.

Real-Time Attendee Management

Manage attendees with ease during the event. This real-time tool helps track attendance, monitor session capacities, and respond promptly to any changes or needs.

Analytics and Support

Gain valuable insights after the event with detailed reporting on the activity that took place throughout.

Badges, Kiosks and More

Badges, Kiosks and more – Create a secure and stress-free event entry point with our one-stop shop for event ticket scanners, kiosks, print badges, banners, signage and everything else you may need!

UBMe Events provides the necessary tools and materials to allow a secure attendee entry including ticket scanners, ticketing kiosks and booths, print badges and premium signage. Creating an easy check-in experience for attendees is important to organizing a successful event. Let us provide wayfinding signage, pamphlets and a video wall to inform your attendees on the important locations around your event.

*Custom designed name badges can be shipped days before the event

Streamlined Check-in Process on Mobile Device

Ensure a quick and hassle-free entry for your attendees with our streamlined mobile check-in process. This feature allows attendees to check in using their mobile devices, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing their initial event experience.

Standing Scanner Kiosks Available

Facilitate efficient entry with our standing scanner kiosks. These kiosks are designed for quick scanning of tickets which speed up the check-in process and deliver a smooth flow of attendees into the event.

Custom Name Badges Pre-Printed and Delivered Pre-Event

Personalize the attendee experience with custom pre-printed name badges. Delivered before the event, these badges not only enhance networking opportunities amongst attendees but also add a professional touch to your event.

Real-Time Attendance Tracking through Organizer App

Keep track of attendee presence and movement with real-time attendance tracking. This feature in the organizer app allows for effective management of crowd sizes, session attendance, and overall event dynamics, ensuring a well-organized and safe environment.