Event Ticketing and Registration

Event Ticketing and Registration

Online and Mobile Registration - Affordable event ticketing platform with an easy online ordering process to increase ticket sale conversions.

UBMe Events allows you to sell registration online or during entry for any of your events! UBMe boasts affordable transaction rates and an efficient checkout process which is designed to help you sell more tickets in a quicker timeframe! With our easy setup process, you will be able to create multiple ticket types with different options and restrictions, issue complimentary tickets to exhibitors and sponsors, capture additional information with a custom order form during checkout and so much more.

Event Ticketing and Registration Features

Affordable Payment Processing

Experience cost-effective and reliable payment processing. UBMe Events offers competitive rates, ensuring that your ticket sales are both profitable and seamless for your attendees.

Custom Registration Pages

Tailor your event's first impression with customizable registration pages. This feature allows you to design a unique and branded registration experience, aligning with your event's theme and style.

Thousands of Integrations

Maximize efficiency with extensive integration options. Connect your registration system with thousands of other platforms and services, enabling a streamlined and cohesive event management process.

Custom Ticket Types

Cater to a diverse audience with custom ticket options. This tool allows you to create various ticket types, such as VIP, early bird, or group tickets, to suit different attendee preferences, offer different pricing structures and enhance ticket sales overall.

Live Sales Dashboard

Monitor your event's success in real-time. The live sales dashboard provides up-to-the-minute data on ticket sales and registration trends, enabling you to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed.

Discounts / Promo Codes and More

Amplify the appeal of your event with the integration of discounts and promo codes in UBMe's online registration system. This feature allows organizers to offer special pricing incentives, such as early bird rates, group discounts, or special promotions, directly through the registration process.