Event E-Commerce

Enable transactions and sales for food, concessions, merchandise, donations, raffles and more with UBMe's event marketplace.

Enable transactions between your attendees and exhibitors with our event marketplace feature within the UBMe App. Allow your attendees to view a vendor list and shop menu to make purchases while at your event. Provide the ability to order food and concessions on mobile from anywhere around your event. Collect donations, hold and auction, conduct a raffle and much more!

E-Commerce Features

Event Marketplace

Transform your event into a dynamic marketplace. This feature provides a platform for vendors and merchants to showcase and sell their products or services directly within the event, enhancing the overall attendee experience.

Food and Concessions

Simplify the dining experience at your event. Attendees can easily browse and purchase food and drinks from various concession stands using the app, making for a more convenient and efficient process.

Merchant List

Offer attendees a comprehensive view of all vendors and merchants at the event. This list ensures attendees have easy access to a wide range of products and services available on-site.


Engage your attendees with exciting event auctions. This feature allows for the organization of live auctions, where attendees can bid on items, adding a unique and interactive element to your event.


Enhance attendee participation with raffle opportunities. Organize and conduct raffles directly through the app, offering an enjoyable way for attendees to engage and potentially win prizes.


Facilitate charitable contributions with ease. This feature enables attendees to make donations to causes or organizations associated with your event, promoting a sense of community and goodwill.