The UBMe Event App Experience

Patented event app designed to create more engagement between attendees at your event and provide an enhanced sense of community for all participants

UBMe Events has developed a patented event app designed to create more engagement between your event attendees and your event partners. The UBMe App creates a geo-fenced area around your event where your attendees can check-in to join the exclusive live chat, access event-specific information and participate in customized experiences. All of these event-specific features allow your attendees to become more invested in the moments happening at your event, in real-time, thus creating a more impactful event experience overall. At the conclusion of each event, you have access to direct feedback from attendees via custom surveys and polling, as well as detailed reports for vendors, sponsors and any in-app advertisements you create.

UBMe App Engagement Features

Live Chat

Foster a dynamic, social environment at your event. Attendees can chat in real time, enhance their network and share experiences as they unfold.


Enhance engagement with multimedia sharing. Attendees can capture and share 'Moments' from the event, creating a vibrant, interactive ‘social media-like’ experience at your event's venue.


Broadcast key messages to your audience. Announcements can be pushed to attendees' devices, ensuring vital information is conveyed instantly and efficiently. Pre-schedule announcements or send out in real-time.


Gather opinions and insights with interactive polls. Polls are easy to set up and provide valuable feedback as well as create fun and unique engagement opportunities for your attendees.


Collect in-depth feedback from attendees through the UBMe app. Tailor questions to your event's needs and gain valuable insights to improve future events.

Agenda Session Q&A

Increase audience participation in each agenda session with the interactive Q&A feature in the UBMe App. Speakers can view and respond to audience questions in real-time, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment that enhances learning and engagement.

Session by Session Feedback

Receive immediate feedback on individual sessions, allowing for rapid adjustments and improvements.

App Live Stream Service

Bring your event to a wider audience. This feature allows for live streaming of sessions and activities, accessible directly through the agenda on the registration page and app.