Create Weekly Email Campaigns to Drive Registration Numbers

Great job, you’ve just completed setting up your event – now the marketing begins! When you go back in to edit your event, you will now have the ‘Email Invitation’ tab available to begin to set up your email campaigns. 

Step 1

Download your email lists

If you used any previous platforms (such as Eventbrite, Mailchimp or Resy) to collect registrations or reservations, make sure to export those lists, because you have tons of previous customers to re-market to!

Make sure to include your attendees in your email blasts as well by clicking ‘Download Attendees’ under ‘Manage Events’ and uploading that list. This way you will keep all of your contacts organized and effectively re-market to previous customers!

Step 2

Begin your email campaign

Go to ‘Manage Events’, ‘Edit’ and the ‘Email Invitation’ tab to begin setting up your email invites. When setting up your email campaigns, you have the option to utilize the template provided by UBMe OR design it yourself via the purple ‘Edit Email’ button at the top. Choose whether or not to focus on one event or multiple events by selecting which you want to promote.

Step 3

Upload your email lists

The email lists we mentioned in Step 1 are incredibly valuable and a great start to your new email campaign! Upload those lists into your ‘Email Invitations’ tab and select who you’d like to target your campaign to.

Step 4

Schedule your emails

With UBMe, you have the option to send your emails out immediately, a few days ahead of time of the event or on the day of your choosing. We recommend sending out weekly emails of all upcoming events, but as an event is approaching, you should absolutely be highlighting just that one in addition!

Step 5

Stepping up your email marketing game? Let’s increase your limits!

UBMe starts every account out with 2,000 contacts and 8,000 monthly sends, but if you need more than either quantity, contact with your request and we’ll get a monthly quote to you ASAP!


Our staff is always here to help – contact for help and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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