Services for Trade Shows

E-Commerce Marketplace for Exhibitor Product Showcasing

UBMe enhances the trade show experience by providing an integrated e-commerce marketplace. This feature allows exhibitors to showcase their products and services within the app, offering attendees the opportunity to browse, learn, and make purchases directly from their mobile devices, thus enhancing product visibility and sales potential.

Vendor Profiles in the App for Detailed Company Information

The UBMe app includes detailed vendor profiles, allowing exhibitors to share comprehensive company information, product details, and contact information. This feature makes it easy for attendees to learn about each exhibitor and facilitates more informed and fruitful interactions.

Custom Badge Printing for Easy Attendee Identification

For efficient attendee management, UBMe offers custom badge printing services. These badges not only facilitate easy identification and access control but also enhance networking opportunities by allowing attendees and exhibitors to quickly identify and connect with each other.

Networking Features to Connect Buyers and Sellers

UBMe's networking features are designed to foster connections between buyers and sellers. Features like attendee-to-exhibitor matching, live chat, and private messaging within the app make it easier for trade show participants to find and engage with the right contacts to enhance the overall networking experience.

Real-Time Attendee Tracking for Crowd Management

UBMe provides real-time attendee tracking to help manage crowds effectively. This feature aids in monitoring attendee flow, managing session capacities, and ensuring overall safety and comfort at the trade show.

ROI Reports for Exhibitors

Post-event, exhibitors receive comprehensive ROI reports from UBMe. These reports provide valuable insights into attendee engagement, booth traffic, and interaction patterns, enabling exhibitors to assess their performance and plan more effectively for future events.