Services for Sports Teams

Live Score Updates and Announcements

UBMe enhances the sports fan experience by providing live score updates and important announcements directly through the app. This feature ensures fans stay engaged and informed throughout the game, whether they are in the stadium or following along remotely.

Team Profiles and Stats in the App

The UBMe app includes comprehensive team profiles and statistics, offering fans in-depth insights into their favorite teams and players. This feature enhances the overall fan experience by providing a richer understanding of team dynamics and individual performances.

Integrated Merchandise Sales

UBMe's integrated merchandise sales feature allows sports fans to easily purchase team apparel and memorabilia through the app. This convenient solution increases merchandise visibility and sales, and lets fans show their support without missing any of the action.

Customized Fan Engagement Features like Polls and Trivia

To further engage sports enthusiasts, UBMe offers customized fan engagement features such as polls and trivia within the app. These interactive elements allow fans to actively participate in the game day experience to foster a sense of community and excitement.

Mobile Concessions Ordering

UBMe streamlines the stadium experience with mobile concessions ordering. Fans can order food and drinks from their seats using the app, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall convenience and enjoyment of the game.

Real-Time Attendee Management for Stadium Events

For effective crowd management, UBMe provides real-time attendee tracking and management during stadium events. This feature ensures a safe and organized environment to manage crowd flow and enhance the overall safety and enjoyment of the event.

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