Services For Your Medical Conferences

Sophisticated Website Design and Management

UBMe offers custom website design and development services to make your next medical conference stand out. Your website will give valuable information to potential attendees in a professional and well-designed manner and will be the go-to stop for attendees to check for updates, travel info and more. Giving a beautiful presentation is the first step to any conference, so let us provide you with an elegant website that will deliver results!

Tourism and Venue Highlights

Many medical conferences thrive on location to increase attendees, especially international conferences. UBMe provides ample venue and tourism information both on the website and UBMe app to get attendees excited about the location and to help get potential attendees to commit to registering for your event.

Custom Signage and Kiosk Solutions For Accreditation Checking

Recognizing the importance of clear navigation and information dissemination, UBMe provides custom signage and kiosk solutions. We also understand the value of proper accreditation for doctors, so UBMe provides the ability to check-in and check-out attendees of individual sessions, to ensure that all doctors are meeting the full requirements of the courses in which they are attending.

Custom Flyers and QR Codes to Increase Online Registration

To achieve more online registrations for your next medical conference, UBMe provides custom flyers and QR codes to provide to your previous attendees and existing email lists. These flyers and QR codes allow for doctors to scan or click a link to your conference's registration page and easily register and pay within minutes, erasing the need for pencil-paper registration and mailing of checks.

Multi-Session Registration and Attendee Tracking

For medical conferences that have multiple sessions taking place at the same time, UBMe provides Multi-Session Registration Technology to track each attendee and their sessions. This allows you to document how many doctors were at each session and ensure that you are provide the correct accreditation for each doctor.

24/7 Session Capacity Control

Ensure that your conference will never hit capacity limits with UBMe's 24/7 Session Capacity Control. You will be able to set a finite capacity for every session at your conference and receive updates of each session's capacity, in real-time.

Encourage Offices to Register All Doctors/Therapists Through 'Group Buy' Discounts

To encourage offices to register all of their doctors/therapists, UBMe allows you to create 'Group Buy' discounts to be created and registered for. Simply select the minimum number of doctors required to be eligible for a discount and create a unique code to send to the secretary/office manager. Only once the minimum quantity is selected at registration will the code work and apply a discount.

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