Services for Live Performances

Custom Event Websites with Performance Details

UBMe crafts custom event websites specifically for live performances by providing a dedicated space to highlight all performance-related details. These websites feature comprehensive information about the show, including synopsis, cast, venue details and times to make sure that attendees have a full understanding of the event prior to attending.

Real-Time Updates for Show Times and Changes

UBMe ensures that attendees are always informed with real-time updates - whether there are changes in showtimes, delays, or important announcements, the app keeps the audience updated and informed throughout the show.

Artist Profiles and Information in the App

The UBMe app includes detailed artist profiles which allows audiences to connect deeper with the performers. These profiles can include artist bios, past performances, upcoming shows and other relevant information to enrich the audience's experience and appreciation.

Social Media Features for Audience Interaction

Recognizing the importance of audience engagement, UBMe incorporates social media features for real-time interaction within the app. Audiences can share their experiences, post photos, and engage with others attending the performance. This next-level immersion is what fosters and creates a lively and interactive community that stays united even after the event concludes.

Post-Event Feedback and Surveys

After the performance, UBMe facilitates the collection of feedback and surveys from attendees. This feature provides valuable insights into the audience's experience and helps organizers and artists continuously improve and tailor future performances.

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