Services for Galas

Elegant Custom Website Design

UBMe crafts sophisticated and elegant custom websites for galas, perfectly capturing the event's essence and elegance. These websites serve as a central hub for all gala information, including event details, dress code, program itinerary, and guest speakers to provide a refined, digital representation of the event.

Donation and Fundraising Features in the App

Understanding the philanthropic nature of galas, UBMe integrates donation and fundraising functionalities directly within the app. This feature allows guests to make contributions easily and securely to enhance the event's fundraising efforts and overall impact.

High-End E-Commerce for Auction Items

UBMe offers a high-end e-commerce platform within the app for auction items, providing a seamless and sophisticated experience for guests to bid on and purchase exclusive items, whether they are attending in person or remotely.

VIP Attendee Management and Check-In

To ensure a personalized and smooth experience for high-profile guests, UBMe implements VIP attendee management and check-in features. This includes streamlined check-in processes and specialized attention to VIP needs to further enhance their experience and reinforce the gala's exclusive nature.

Custom Invitations and RSVP Management

UBMe provides custom, digital invitations and RSVP management solutions, making the process of inviting guests and tracking responses both elegant and efficient. This service ensures a high level of organization and an excellent first impression for invited guests.

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