Services for Fundraisers

Integrated Donation Processing

UBMe simplifies the fundraising process with integrated donation processing within the app. This feature allows attendees to make secure and convenient donations directly through their mobile devices, which enhances the ease and efficiency of contributing to the cause.

Custom Event Pages for Cause Information

For each fundraiser, UBMe creates custom event pages that provide detailed information about the cause. These pages are tailored to communicate the purpose, goals and impact of the fundraiser to ensure that attendees are well-informed and motivated to participate.

Social Media Campaign Tools for Wider Reach

UBMe equips organizers with powerful social media campaign tools to expand the fundraiser's reach. These tools facilitate the creation and sharing of content across various social platforms, to help attract a larger audience and increase awareness and support for the cause.

Real-Time Donation Tracking

To keep track of fundraising progress, UBMe offers real-time donation tracking. This feature allows organizers to monitor donations as they come in to provide instant updates on the fundraiser’s success and help drive momentum amongst participants.

Attendee Engagement Features to Encourage Participation

UBMe's app includes a variety of attendee engagement features, such as live polls, surveys, and interactive sessions to keep attendees actively involved in the fundraiser. These features help foster a more dynamic and participatory event while encouraging greater involvement and contribution to the cause.

Post-Event Reporting for Transparency and Analysis

After the fundraiser, UBMe provides comprehensive post-event reporting. These reports offer detailed insights into the event's performance, including donation totals, attendee engagement metrics, and other key data that provides transparency and aids in the analysis and planning of future events.

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