Services for Festivals

Mobile Food and Concession Ordering

Enhance the festival experience with UBMe's mobile food and concession ordering feature. This service allows attendees to conveniently order and pay for food and drinks from their mobile devices to reduce queues and wait times, which allows for more time to be spent enjoying all of the festival activities.

Social Wall Screen to Showcase Live Attendee Interactions

UBMe's Social Wall Screen is an innovative feature that displays live posts, photos, and interactions from attendees on large screens throughout the festival venue. This interactive display fosters a sense of community and engagement by encouraging attendees to share their experiences in real-time.

E-Commerce for Merchandise Sales

UBMe offers a comprehensive e-commerce solution that enables festivals to sell merchandise directly through the app. This feature provides a convenient shopping experience for attendees while simultaneously giving a boost for merchandise sales.

Real-Time Alerts and Updates for Schedule Changes or Announcements

Stay connected with attendees using UBMe's real-time alert system. This feature ensures that attendees are promptly informed about schedule changes, special announcements, or important updates to enhance overall communication and attendee satisfaction.

Location-Based Services like Maps and Vendor Locations

UBMe's location-based services offer attendees easy-to-use maps and vendor location guides within the app. This helps festival-goers navigate the venue effortlessly and locate stages, food stands, restrooms, and vendor booths.

Live Performance Schedules Within the App

Keep attendees informed with live performance schedules directly through the UBMe app. This feature allows festival attendees to plan their day, guaranteeing they don’t miss their favorite acts and performances. Adjustments to the schedule can be made in real time based on updates or personal preferences.