Services for Expos

Vendor and Sponsor In-App Showcase

UBMe's app includes specialized features to prominently display vendors and sponsors to ensure they gain maximum visibility amongst expo attendees. These features include detailed profiles, product or service highlights and direct links to their offerings, which all enhance their presence and accessibility at the expo.

Lead Capture Tools for Exhibitors

For exhibitors, capturing leads is crucial. UBMe provides intuitive lead capture tools within the app, allowing exhibitors to easily collect and manage contacts, interests, and follow-up information from attendees, streamlining their lead generation process.

Custom Registration Pages for Varied Attendee Types

Recognizing the diversity of expo audiences, UBMe offers custom registration pages that cater to different attendee types, such as vendors, sponsors, industry professionals, and general attendees. These pages are tailored to gather specific information relevant to each group, enhancing the registration experience and providing valuable data for expo organizers.

Interactive Floor Maps for Easy Navigation

Navigating an expo can be daunting. UBMe's interactive floor maps make it easy for attendees to find exhibitors, booths, and key attractions to deliver a smooth and enjoyable event experience. These maps are accessible through the app to offer real-time guidance and updates.

Digital Marketing Packages for Extensive Event Promotion

UBMe's digital marketing packages are designed to maximize the expo's reach and impact. These packages include targeted social media campaigns, email marketing and digital advertisements, all aimed at increasing attendee numbers and engagement. Tailored to the specific needs of the expo, these marketing efforts deliver wide and effective promotion.

Analytics for Exhibitor and Attendee Engagement

Post-event, UBMe provides detailed analytics on exhibitor and attendee engagement. These insights include attendee behavior, booth traffic and interaction levels to offer valuable data to better understand the expo's success and areas for improvement. This feature aids exhibitors in measuring their ROI and assists organizers in planning future events.