Services for Conferences

Professional, Custom Website for Detailed Agendas and Speaker Information

UBMe Events provides a sophisticated, custom-designed website for your conference. The platform is tailored to showcase comprehensive agendas, detailed speaker bios, and session information to ensure that attendees have all of the necessary information at their fingertips.

Attendee Networking: Live Chat and Private Messaging Features

Networking is a key element of conferences. UBMe's app includes helpful tools to initiate more networking opportunities, such as Live Chat and Private Messaging features. These features facilitate seamless interaction amongst attendees, helping them to foster connections and enhance their overall networking experience.

Customizable Event App for Session Information and Updates

The UBMe customizable event app serves as a dynamic tool for attendees by providing real-time access to session information, schedules, and any last-minute updates to ensure a well-informed and engaged audience.

Real-Time Attendee Management for Tracking Participation in Various Sessions

Efficiently manage your conference attendees with UBMe's real-time attendee management system. This feature tracks participation across different sessions, aiding in crowd control and session planning. Capture your attendees' check-in and check-out time to receive a breakdown of how long each attendee was in session for.

Live Stream Event Sessions on the UBMe App

Elevate the accessibility and reach of your conference with UBMe's live stream functionality. This feature allows key sessions and presentations to be broadcasted live through the UBMe App, enabling attendees to watch and participate in each session's live chat in real-time.

Post-Event Analytics and Feedback Collection

Post-conference, UBMe offers detailed analytics and feedback collection tools. These insights are invaluable for understanding attendee engagement, preferences, and areas of improvement, which are essential for the planning of future events.

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