Services for Concerts

Attendee Live Chat Enhances Fan Experience

The app includes a live chat feature that fosters a communal atmosphere amongst concert-goers. Fans can chat in real time, share their experiences and connect with fellow attendees. All of this additional bonding allows for the concert experience to be more interactive and enjoyable overall.

Instant Alerts for Performance Schedules and Changes

To keep attendees well-informed, UBMe provides instant alerts for performance schedules and notifications for any last-minute changes. This ensures that concert-goers are always up-to-date with the latest information and never have to worry about missing a performance they wanted to see.

Mobile Ticket Scanning for Fast Entry

UBMe simplifies the entry process with mobile ticket scanning. This feature allows for quick and efficient admission, reducing queues and wait times while delivering a smooth start to the concert for attendees.

Merchandise E-Commerce Within the App

UBMe offers a merchandise e-commerce feature within the app, enabling fans to easily browse and purchase concert merchandise. This convenient shopping solution increases merchandise sales and allows fans to commemorate their experience without missing out on any of the action.

Live Streaming for Real-Time Audience Engagement

UBM's live streaming service allows concert goers to have a better view by broadcasting performances in real time. This feature enables fans without a clear stage view to still catch the action up-close, while simultaneously giving the fans a way to chat and share their thoughts on the live experience with one another.

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