Attract More Attendees Through Social Media

Engaging with previous attendees and potential attendees is a key component to better market your event, and social media is a fantastic starting point. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or all of the above, you should take advantage of your followings by sharing organization updates, event details and registration information as often as possible. 

Promote your social media links through the UBMe Event app by creating ads that link directly to your Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok!

UBMe Marketing Team

Below are tips to promote your events on social media

  • Add a ‘Ticketing Button’ that links directly to your registration page to drive potential attendees and traffic
  • Create Facebook-specific discount codes for your followers to use during registration
  • Drive Early Bird registration traffic by doing a countdown of when it ends
  • Include videos from the organization’s founding team to increase interest and traction
  • Create an assortment of posts centered around your events, ranging from photos to Reels to stories to spark more interest and create a larger amount of engagement
  • Add your website and registration link to your bio for followers to have instant access to all event-related information
  • Create giveaway campaigns to generate excitement and encourage early registrations
  • Increase excitement for your upcoming events by sharing clips from speakers, vendors and sponsors
  • Increase your following by doing exclusive giveaways and raffle opportunities
  • Provide updates to your followers by going ‘Live’ – this is a great opportunity to give out an exclusive discount code too! 

These ideas are a great starting point to promote your events through social media, and we encourage you to create accounts for your organization if you don’t currently have them set up!

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