Attendee Check-In Do’s & Dont’s

When your event is coming up, there is so much to plan, including on-site logistics. UBMe makes it as seamless as possible for you to coordinate the check-in process of attendees. With having thousands of events under our belt, we have truly seen it all when it comes to attendee check-ins, so we are excited to share some ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ for your next event!

UBMe offers a wide array of attendee check-ins to perfectly align with your event’s layout, flow and navigation.

– UBMe Logistics Team

At your next event, DO:

  1. Utilize the UBMe Organizer App on any phone or tablet to check-in attendees within seconds.
  2. Organize individual lines with a designated ‘check-in’ representative at each who is responsible for scanning tickets in that line only – this will streamline the check-in process and get attendees ‘through the gates’ in no time!
  3. For early attendees, encourage them to check-in on the UBMe Event app while they wait to connect with others through the Live Chat – they will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re waiting in line!
  4. Have a separate check-in line/table for attendees who do not have their QR code ticket. UBMe provides a  ‘Manual Check-In’ option on any phone, tablet or computer, so you will always be able to confirm attendees at your event.
  5. Provide all staff with check-in training to ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities before the event begins. 

At your next event, DON’T:

  1. Do not wait until the last minute to establish your check-in plan –  strategize ahead of time to see what works best for your organization’s event, whether it’s Kiosks, scanning in via the UBMe Organizer app, manual check-in or pencil/paper check-in.
  2. Do not keep your attendees waiting – make sure all check-in representatives arrive early so that scanning of tickets can begin on time! 
  3. Do not wait until the day of to do a ‘Check-In Test’ – prior to the event you should test out your check-in method-of-choice to ensure that all staff is trained and up to date on the check-in cycle, to provide a seamless and efficient experience for attendees.
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