Activate App Engagements

Activate App Engagements to Increase Attendee’s Event Experience

Congrats, you’ve just finished setting up your event with UBMe Events! Did you know that UBMe has an app that allows all of your attendees to connect and engage with one another prior to and during your event? It’s a great tool to spark additional traction at your event as well as for you to connect with and gain valuable feedback from attendees. 

Engagement Features

As an organizer, you have the option to enable Engagement Pro+ for some or all of your events. This allows you to communicate live with your attendees, but also to pre-schedule messages, polls, GIFs, media and more.

Utilize Engagement Pro+:

Enable Engagement Pro+

Your first Engagement Pro+ experience is on us, so all you need to do is contact or via Contact Us and let us know which event you’d like enabled, along with your UBMe Username. We will get back to you and within 24-48 hours, your engagement will be unlocked and you can begin scheduling your content!

Our staff is always here to help – contact for help and our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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