5 Ways to Increase Early-Bird Registrations

Early Bird Registration is an advantageous way to build momentum and spark interest early on for your next conference, expo or festival. Through UBMe, you have the ability to create multiple ticket types for your upcoming event, and we highly recommend setting up Early Bird Ticket Types to build up initial traction.

Entice attendees to register early through offering a slight discount on tickets for those who register well in advance.

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Tip #1: Ticket Type Timing

When setting up your ticket types, make sure to set advance time-frames for your Early Bird tickets. Through UBMe, you have the ability to set different start and end dates for every ticket type, so we recommend doing Early Bird for the first quarter of your event’s registration period duration.

Example: If tickets are on sale for 4 months before your event begins, the first month should be the Early Bird rate, the 2nd and 3rd months should be ‘Regular Registration’ and the 4th month should be ‘Late Registration.’

Tip #2: Early Registration + Newsletters

For every newsletter that is sent out, you should be promoting the Early Bird registration and exactly how much time is left to get the discounted rate. This generates a sense or urgency and will encourage potential attendees who are on the fence to decide to register. 

Tip #3: Social Media

The utilization for social media for your upcoming conference or expo is huge. You have the ability to reach an infinite number of potential attendees, so promoting your Early Bird registration on all platforms is a great way to get traction and visibility for your event. 

Through the discounted pricing of Early Bird registrations, you can create social media ‘count-downs’ to put a sense of urgency on registering early. 

Bonus: We recommend doing ‘Daily Count-Downs’ on your Instagram and Facebook stories! 

Tip #4: Early Registration Exclusives

In addition to offering a marginal discount on Early Bird registration, offering exclusives is an additional component to driving early sales. 

Exclusives could include the following:

  • Day 1 Raffle for ONLY Early Bird registrants – gift cards, merchandise or gift baskets are great raffle ideas!
  • FREE merchandise when you register for the Early Bird rate
  • Advanced or Early Admission for Early Bird registrants the day of the event

Tip #5: Limit Early Registration Quantity

To REALLY spark a sense of urgency in registering for the Early Bird rate, cap the quantity. This allows you to do additional promotions, such as ‘Only 20 Spots Left!’ in your newsletters and on social media to ensure that you fill all of the spots.

Once a ticket type ‘sells out’ on UBMe, that will be depicted when an attendee is looking at available tickets, and seeing ‘Sold Out’ is a great way to make your event stand out as in-demand!

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