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UBMe has helped hundreds of organizations in 40+ countries across the globe!

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Whether your event is in-person or virtual, UBMe's patented software will help you save time and maximize attendee engagement.

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Provide a better experience for your attendees!

Provide the best experience to your attendees with UBMe's award-winning event app! With years of research and development, the event app utilizes UBMe's patented technology to deliver enhanced experiences and form new connections among attendees. Encourage attendees to participate and actively engage with one another to create 10x more connections throughout your event. With up-to-date information, personalized agendas, live polls, messages, and exciting content at their fingertips, a whole new experience is waiting to be discovered!

Event App

Patented event app designed to create more engagement between attendees at your event and provide an enhanced sense of community for all participants.

Event Networking

Increase networking opportunities for your attendees and partners at your next event with the UBMe App.

Event Management

Total event management in all areas, including attendees, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and more!

Event Ticketing and Registration

Online and Mobile Registration - Affordable event ticketing platform with an easy online ordering process to increase ticket sale conversions.

Event Marketing and Branding

Full service marketing implementation of customized strategy and branding to grow your event audience and increase registrations.

Event E-Commerce

Enable transactions and sales for food, concessions, merchandise, donations, raffles and more with UBMe's event marketplace.

Event Venue and Lodging Concierge

Let us find your next event venue with our hands free venue and lodging concierge service.

What makes UBMe special

UBMe's pentented technology enhances attendee experience!

Showcase a Modern Event Aesthetic

Impress your attendees, sponsors, and management team with cutting-edge technology while showcasing a modern and attractive event presentation.

Effectively Engage Your Attendees

Spark attendee loyalty by creating an immersive event experience that is unique through UBMe's patented technology.

Save Time Managing Event Logistics

Complete event management tasks efficiently and accurately with time left over to focus on other important tasks at hand.

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Software Integrations

Integrate with over 6,000+ software solutions

Maximize efficiency with extensive integration options. Connect your registration system with thousands of other platforms and services to enable a streamlined and cohesive event management process.

Customer Experiences

Featured UBMe Experiences

UBMe is fortunate to have organizations all over the world that continue to rely on UBMe's patented Event Management Software. See how UBMe has helped elevate their event to a whole new level!

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UBMe has helped hundreds of organizations in 40+ countries across the globe.